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When you buy from Nutrivation, you get the highest quality, most cost-effective raw materials in the industry.  We have long-standing relationships with the most modernized factories and ingredient sources.


Through our long-term alliances, Nutrivation delivers much more than competitive prices per kilo.  We can help you source new ingredients, upgrade those you’re currently using – and alert you when new material forms become available.  We monitor harvest and supply conditions daily.  So if a drought in Bolivia is going to drive up prices and limit availability of a key ingredient, we’ll let you know before it becomes a problem and tap into our global ingredient network to find an economical solution.


The purity, consistency, and reliability of Nutrivation ingredients are a given.  We don’t accept marginal materials.  Our Certificates of Analysis are meticulously prepared, and the integrity of the information is without rival.  Plus, most Nutrivation ingredients are Kosher (KOF-K, OU, or Star K) and Halal certified.   These certifications confirm that each ingredient can be tracked to its origin and

is carefully supervised during production – with strict rules imposed on hygienic processes.


Our expansive inventory of ingredients ensures availability of the most in-demand raw materials, as well as hard-to-find specialty ingredients.  And, by consolidating your purchasing needs at Nutrivation, you can streamline your operations:  Fewer phone calls, fewer expensive audits and laboratory tests – as well as less time-consuming paperwork, processing, and follow-up.



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